Saturday, October 1, 2016

Semco window and door visit

Bill, Kevin and I travelled to the Semco Window and Door plant in Merrill, Wisconsin last week.  The folks at Semco were very gracious and we got to meet many of the employees who work every day to help support us in our efforts to differentiate Window Designs of the Carolinas with exceptional products and service.   

Of particular interest was the glass plant where they insulate the glass in-house using SuperSpacer, and the test chamber where new products and product improvements are tested for performance.  We enjoyed very valuable time with Semco’s product engineer, Dan Emmerich, and learned of exciting new products being developed to meet market demands.   

A special shout out to Pat, Rich and Ginger for putting this all together.  The time they took from their very busy schedules was invaluable to us.