Sunday, January 26, 2014

Easy on....Easy off!

Recently, I embarked upon an endeavor to find a satisfactory solution to threshold protection for swinging and sliding doors. I learned a lot, but Heather Ley of BuildSitePro was able to describe much more succinctly the summary of my learning experience:

There were two other points not mentioned in her article:

1 - the hinged sliding door threshold protectors are very hard to find, are generally profiled for a specific name brand sliding door, and IF you are fortunate enough to find them, fairly expensive.

2 - the UV tape works beautifully for sliding doors as well as swinging doors. We also successfully applied the tape within the floor channel of pocketing multisliding doors. Check out the pictures below.

This is the outside view of a pocketing multislide door from Semco/Slideworks.  We covered the track with the UV tape and then sliced it in between the channels in the floor.  We folded the edges down and the panels glide right over it. 

And this picture shows how we applied the tape.

This picture is of a standard four panel, bi-parting sliding door.  We basically followed the same technique.  Lay the tape on top of the sill, slide along the track, tuck the tape to the sides of the track.  But with this door, we cut an additional piece of tape and folded it in half, and then placed in down into the track.  The sliding panel slide right over top of it. 

The tape is good for 180 days.  We've marked our calendars to replace the tape if the job is still ongoing at that time.  I'll report on the over all resilience and ease of removal of the tape at that time.  Stay tuned. 
UPDATE:  The tape worked well on the standard slider, but the adhesive was a little tricky to remove on the track of the multislide.  Ultimately it was decided that it was not worth it to use the tape on the multislides from now on.