Saturday, April 11, 2015

Heights and other scary things

As previously described in this blog, The Window Gal does not like heights.  From time to time I find it necessary in my job to attempt to access something that is just a bit out of my reach.  Normally, I look around me to see if I might employ somebody else to ascend the lofty height to perform this task for me.  Other times I find myself all alone and left to my own devices.  I remember an incident a couple of years ago when a builder was supposed to meet me at a construction jobsite to confirm some rough openings.  He was running late and phoned me and instructed me to go up to the attic and measure a specific window opening that he had a question about.  I hung up the phone and began the search for “the elevator”.  My heart began to sink as I realized there was no such conveyance and I found a ladder that was already in place and seemed to stretch to the heavens and disappeared into the darkness of the attic.  I looked around and saw that all the workers were busy with their jobs and I felt reluctant to impose so I stood there and waited for the builder to show up.


To that builder, I am sure that the ladder in question looked a little like this:

To The Window Gal, the same ladder looked more like this:

When the builder arrived, I had already rehearsed my explanation which was that the fire truck that would be needed to rescue me, had I climbed the ladder, wouldn’t have been able to get past the heavy equipment already on the jobsite.